Yuta Gamon (我聞 悠太 Gamon Yūta?) is the main male protagonist of the light novel, manga and anime series and a high school boy and self-described NEET who runs the blog "Kiri Kiri Basara," which aggregates news and discussion of the occult, with hopes of driving enough traffic to his site that he can live off the money from affiliate clickthroughs.

Yūta ends up attracting a strange crew of characters around him.


He has a standard skinny build with dark brown eyes. He has messy, choppy beige colored hair. His clothing consists of a large trench duffle coat which is a grey on his left side and light yellow on his right side. His coat raises up to nearly his chin which he uses to cover the bottom half of his face.


Gamon "Gamotan" Yūta is a hikikomori "NEET" and often refers to himself as the "NEET God". He appears cheerful and determined, even going as far as to update his blog from the afterlife.

He, despite writing about the occult on a blog constantly, seems to be pretty easily startled.

He seems to care about the concept of "heroes", as he's shown telling the others, when one offers to stay behind in the afterlife, "Let me be a hero!" He, despite what seems to be his greed for money in the earlier episodes, is very passionate and a self-sacrificing individual.

He admires his father and all that his father has done.